A Coffeeneuring Letter from Patrick. Forest Hills, New York

What a wonderful (and delicious) challenge. I hope I got things down properly.

A few things to help clarify… I used Saturdays and Tuesdays as my “weekends.” I also used two “vacation” instances (#3 and #6) instead of my usual Sat/Tues for those weeks, and I used a Vermont ride (#4) where the coffee shop was right across the river in New Hampshire.

I was originally hoping to get a theme, like maybe only food trucks (surprisingly, not many carry hot beverages!), or stories about the servers/barristas, or maybe places that sold only great coffee here in NYC. But as with everything, life got in the way, and I ended up at places like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts!

Hope I got all the info here!




Coffeeneuring #1

Where: Bob’s Hot Dog Truck, Melville, NY
Date: Saturday, October 5
What: hot chocolate

Facebook Post: …is in Melville on a cool Saturday afternoon, pulled aside just shy of the enormous U-Pick Pumpkins signs on the service road, chatting away with affable Bob of Bob’s Hot Dog Truck.

Bob’s worldly concerns are twofold: the safety of cyclists on the road with distracted drivers today, and the empty state of his coffee pot.

Thankfully, Bob has other hot beverages that qualify for delicious consumption. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~50 miles


Coffeeneuring #2

Where: Dunkin’ Donuts, Riis Beach, NY
Date: Tuesday, October 8
What: hot chocolate

Facebook Post: …is at a desolate Riis beach on a quiet autumn afternoon, not a soul around as far as the eye can see, the gentle sounds of the surf in perfect harmony with the far-off city traffic.

A perfect time as any for a hot cup o’joe. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~42 miles


Coffeeneuring #3

Where: Hampton Coffee Company, Westhampton Beach, NY
Date: Thursday, October 24
What: soy latte

Facebook Post: …is at Westhampton Beach with a curious little pumpkin who simply insisted on trying his cycling glasses. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~70 miles


Coffeeneuring #4

Where: L.A. Burdick, Walpole, NH
Date: Tuesday, October 29
What: hot chocolate

Facebook Post: …is out for a little spin in Walpole, NH, under brilliant blue skies, brilliant crisp air, and what is apparently a brilliant case of strep throat.

Thankfully, there are brilliant hot beverages and pastries to compensate. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~50 miles (start in Putney, VT)


Coffeeneuring #5

Where: Starbucks, Commack, NY
Date: Saturday, November 2
What: soy latte

Facebook Post: …is out for a little jaunt out to Commack on his delightful little clown bike, oohing and aahing first at the foliage, and now at his hot latte-mocha-chai-grande-chocolate-croissant-sugar-overload-something-or-the-other. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~60 miles


Coffeeneuring #6

Where: La Dolce Italia Bakery, Forest Hills, NY
Date: Wednesday, November 6
What: cappuccino

Facebook Post: …is at the neighbourhood bakery, chatting with Maria on a quiet Wednesday morning about this and that and nothing in particular.

From the dozens and dozens of delectable treats in the glass displays and while creating his delicious cappuccino, Maria recommends the apple turnovers. “You can’t go wrong with the apple turnovers.” Indeed. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~16 miles


Coffeeneuring #7

Where: Gourmet Bakery & Deli, Forest Hills, NY
Date: Saturday, November 16
What: cappuccino

Facebook Post: …took a leisurely spin in the park, the roads still wet from the morning rains and strewn with a hundred thousand leaves, the smells of autumn heavy and delicious in the cool, crisp air.

He is now at the neighbourhood bakery over at Metropolitan, where one of its patrons, an elderly lady with the most fantastic of weekend bonnets is ogling his bicycle and making entertainingly uncomfortable comments about the shapeliness of his legs and spandexed butt.

Thankfully, there are warm beverages and pastries involved. #coffeeneuring

Mileage: ~13 miles

Thank you for the brilliant guest post, Patrick! Have a great weekend, everyone.


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