Coffeeneuring Week 1: It’s On!

We’re almost one week into the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and already I’m amazed by all the people riding their bikes to tasty beverages all over the land.

Some ride to four-walled establishments, and others enjoy beverages in the open air.

Much of the coffeeneuring activity is taking place on Twitter (search the #coffeeneuring hashtag), the Coffeeneurs Facebook group, and it’s also going strong on Instagram (also on the #coffeeneuring hashtag). If you’re on flickr, the Coffeeneuring group is here. Please join in as you like.

In this week’s update, I would like to draw your attention to the Coffeeneur Challenge bloggers. Here’s what I know:

  • The Daily Randonneur rode from D.C. into West Virginia, over the weekend and stopped at one of our favorite coffee places in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Lost Dog Cafe.
  • A meander through Seattle ends at a Starbucks for Andy’s Bike Blog.
  • Vélovoice enjoys a cappuccino and a visit to St. Andrew’s Church for her first coffeeneuring trip. Also, roosters!
  • Rootchopper goes “Coffeeneuring in Car Hell,” but discovers Grounded Coffee in the process.
  • Captain Overpacker adds a coffeeneuring trip onto a day of riding for a cause and throws in a reference to one of my favorite movies when I was a teen, Pretty in Pink (I wanted to make my own prom dress, too).
  • Red Riding goes team coffeeneuring with some of the Pittsburgh crew.
  • Joe Flood checks out the Old Caribou that is now a Peets on his first coffeeneuring ride in Washington, D.C. Maybe I’ll check it out myself.
  • It’s an almond milk Cafe au Lait for West Coast coffeeneur Rosie on the Move. Atlas Coffee sounds delicious!
  • The Bagel Cafe is stop one for All Kinds of Bikes. Welcome back to coffeeneuring!
  • Cruisin’ Downhill heads to the Farmer’s Market for a latte. Looks like a pretty ride. Also, I like the name tag on the back of the helmet.
  • Coffeeneuring doesn’t mean you have to drink coffee. Nancy’s going the tea route, and blogging about it on Adventures With Nancy.
  • Original coffeeneur Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist of the fine coffeeneuring town of Pittsburgh is back for his fourth consecutive year.
  • One Speed: Go! is family coffeeneuring in Arizona.
  • Coffeeneuring in South Dakota? It’s true! Read all about it on The MinusCar Project.
  • Urban Adventure League went preseason coffeeneuring in Oregon to make sure the coffee shop without walls was in order.
  • Two trips down in the first weekend, and one of them is another coffee shop sans walls– Life in the Cycle Lane.
  • A little bit of everything in marathonsam‘s post: running, yoga, trail shoes, and most important, coffeeneuring!

Did I miss you? It’s quite possible! Please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add you to the roundup.


  1. In addition to the coffee drinking and the bike riding, a great thing about this challenge is the chance to discover new blogs to follow. I really look forward to reading all of the write-ups.
    Personally, I didn’t get a chance to ride to coffee yet. On the bright side, I can go twice this weekend!

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  2. I was hoping to coffeeneur last week after being all arty and stuff at Nuit Blanche, but once again I was laid low by sickness. But this week it is on!


  3. Hello! I was on the Swedish coffeeneuring team last autumn. For this autumn I had great plans to do a 3 countries, 2 continents coffeeneuring challenge this with the bonus challenge of a 1200km brevet in the middle of it. But the plans ended up in nothing. I had a bike accident 3 weeks ago resulting in an acetabular fracture. So I will instead have 10 weeks without any walking and no bike riding until February. Well, at least I have my ride to Brest next year secured by another 1200 earlier this year.


  4. This has been a hoot so far. I’m already planning out next weeks rides. I’m working on a story for my Adventure Journal blog, but I’m gonna wait till I get them all done and and publish them as one. Thanks for all the fun. Kat


  5. Brompton bicycles Basil and Argyll (and cyclists) managed two coffee stops last weekend to start off Coffeeneuring 2014 with momentum. Coffee and bikes — what could be better? We’re loving this event, MG!


  6. Hi!

    My Poljento blog represented Finland last year’s challenge and I am planning to do so also this year. I already tweeted about my first coffeeneuring ride last week (@Poljento).

    I probably won’t blog on each individual trip but I will keep you updated. Looking forward to this year’s challenge!


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  7. I am loving this challenge so much, I am aiming for two each week. Easier to do for those of us who are retired! Thanks so much MG for giving this wonderful event to us.

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