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Coffeeneuring Week 1: It’s On!

We’re almost one week into the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and already I’m amazed by all the people riding their bikes to tasty beverages all over the land.

Some ride to four-walled establishments, and others enjoy beverages in the open air.

Much of the coffeeneuring activity is taking place on Twitter (search the #coffeeneuring hashtag), the Coffeeneurs Facebook group, and it’s also going strong on Instagram (also on the #coffeeneuring hashtag). If you’re on flickr, the Coffeeneuring group is here. Please join in as you like.

In this week’s update, I would like to draw your attention to the Coffeeneur Challenge bloggers. Here’s what I know:

  • The Daily Randonneur rode from D.C. into West Virginia, over the weekend and stopped at one of our favorite coffee places in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Lost Dog Cafe.
  • A meander through Seattle ends at a Starbucks for Andy’s Bike Blog.
  • Vélovoice enjoys a cappuccino and a visit to St. Andrew’s Church for her first coffeeneuring trip. Also, roosters!
  • Rootchopper goes “Coffeeneuring in Car Hell,” but discovers Grounded Coffee in the process.
  • Captain Overpacker adds a coffeeneuring trip onto a day of riding for a cause and throws in a reference to one of my favorite movies when I was a teen, Pretty in Pink (I wanted to make my own prom dress, too).
  • Red Riding goes team coffeeneuring with some of the Pittsburgh crew.
  • Joe Flood checks out the Old Caribou that is now a Peets on his first coffeeneuring ride in Washington, D.C. Maybe I’ll check it out myself.
  • It’s an almond milk Cafe au Lait for West Coast coffeeneur Rosie on the Move. Atlas Coffee sounds delicious!
  • The Bagel Cafe is stop one for All Kinds of Bikes. Welcome back to coffeeneuring!
  • Cruisin’ Downhill heads to the Farmer’s Market for a latte. Looks like a pretty ride. Also, I like the name tag on the back of the helmet.
  • Coffeeneuring doesn’t mean you have to drink coffee. Nancy’s going the tea route, and blogging about it on Adventures With Nancy.
  • Original coffeeneur Type 2 Clydesdale Cyclist of the fine coffeeneuring town of Pittsburgh is back for his fourth consecutive year.
  • One Speed: Go! is family coffeeneuring in Arizona.
  • Coffeeneuring in South Dakota? It’s true! Read all about it on The MinusCar Project.
  • Urban Adventure League went preseason coffeeneuring in Oregon to make sure the coffee shop without walls was in order.
  • Two trips down in the first weekend, and one of them is another coffee shop sans walls– Life in the Cycle Lane.
  • A little bit of everything in marathonsam‘s post: running, yoga, trail shoes, and most important, coffeeneuring!

Did I miss you? It’s quite possible! Please let me know in the comments, and I’ll add you to the roundup.


  1. In addition to the coffee drinking and the bike riding, a great thing about this challenge is the chance to discover new blogs to follow. I really look forward to reading all of the write-ups.
    Personally, I didn’t get a chance to ride to coffee yet. On the bright side, I can go twice this weekend!

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  2. Hello! I was on the Swedish coffeeneuring team last autumn. For this autumn I had great plans to do a 3 countries, 2 continents coffeeneuring challenge this with the bonus challenge of a 1200km brevet in the middle of it. But the plans ended up in nothing. I had a bike accident 3 weeks ago resulting in an acetabular fracture. So I will instead have 10 weeks without any walking and no bike riding until February. Well, at least I have my ride to Brest next year secured by another 1200 earlier this year.


  3. This has been a hoot so far. I’m already planning out next weeks rides. I’m working on a story for my Adventure Journal blog, but I’m gonna wait till I get them all done and and publish them as one. Thanks for all the fun. Kat


  4. Hi!

    My Poljento blog represented Finland last year’s challenge and I am planning to do so also this year. I already tweeted about my first coffeeneuring ride last week (@Poljento).

    I probably won’t blog on each individual trip but I will keep you updated. Looking forward to this year’s challenge!


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  5. I am loving this challenge so much, I am aiming for two each week. Easier to do for those of us who are retired! Thanks so much MG for giving this wonderful event to us.

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