Ride My Age Birthday Ride

This week I celebrated my birthday by riding what has become an annual “Ride My Age Birthday Ride,” where I ride my age in miles. In order to not feel rushed (because every year this ride takes just a little longer) I took the day off and headed out of […]

Sunday Joy Ridin’ on the Rivendell Romulus

Felkerino and I decided to go on a post-200K brevet joy ride today to bask in the recently arrived warm weather and pay a visit to family out in Northern Virginia. Because of all the stop-and-go movement of the urban environment, we left the tandem in the Dining Room Bike […]

A Return to the Single Bike Lifestyle

This past year, we retired our custom-fit Co-Motion tandem. It wasn’t by choice. Over the six years we had owned it and an estimated 25,000 miles, it gradually developed a crack in the area near the stoker seat tube. Felkerino wrote a post about it complete with a photo of […]