Fall Events and an August Wrap-Up

Panda shot on the Quickbeam

August passed in a herky jerky fashion. I had trouble getting into a rhythm with my riding and I ventured infrequently to the weight room. As a result my cycling miles were down and I probably have reduced my pushups capability for the moment. Who knows what miserable state my core is in (kidding… I’m sure it’s mostly okay).

Running miles were higher than previous months, though, partly because my schedule fit the running routine best and also because my body and mind were naturally drawn to going out for a run.

I often use running as a way to manage stress and to clear the clutter out of my head so hopefully I ended the month with a less discombobulated mind than when I started it.

Monthly Totals

Here is how August shook out by the numbers:

Running: 109 miles
Cycling: 456 miles

Running days: 18
Cycling days: 19
Weight workouts: 6

Year-to-Date Totals

I’ve ridden 5,062 miles on the bike so far this year. That’s over 1,000 miles less than my last two years of riding, but this is a year of change and the reduced bike miles reflect that.

Like I’ve said in previous posts, I was burned out on bicycling and that was no good. It’s been nice to take a step back, try other activities, and not deal with feeling obligated to be on the bike and enduring brevet-induced sleep deprivation. I’ll be back to that next year, yeah!

I’ve run 541 miles over the past eight months. In 2012 I ran 512 miles in 12 months so 2013 is a big running year for me. Whee! I have been loving it.

I plan to return to more regimented riding and weight training this fall. From looking at previous workout diaries, I have observed that strength training always takes a dip during the summer months. I crave being outside so I just go with that feeling.

Caffe Amouri coffeeneuring

Fall Events

September and October look as though they are going to be busy in a really good way. Oh, and the Coffeeneuring Challenge will be coming your way again for the third year so stay tuned for that in the later part of this month.

Here’s some of what’s on the organized event horizon.

Some of these events are sold out, but others are still open for registration. Maybe I’ll see you out there in the next couple of months? I look forward to it!


  1. You backed off a bit from what you’re less inspired to do and focus on what’s fun/meaningful/rewardng for you now. Great strategy, it seems to me. Instead of forcing yourself to reach an out of context goal, you go with what works. I have a lot of respect that strategy and for years that bring change! Oh and by the way your lower than previous years biking miles are impressive and inspiring. The September line up looks great!


    • Thanks, Nancy! Yes, I think you are right. That is exactly what has ended up happening. It gets easy to keep going after the numbers, and I’m glad that this year we took stock of our activities and that I developed an alternate program.


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