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Category: Randonneuring

Coulee Challenge 1200K: Four Sunrises Postcard

A fourth sunrise signals the final day of the Coulee Challenge 1200K. Hazy light illuminates the morning rises. Despite being fully awake and alert – something I wasn’t sure would happen after […]

Shrinking the Giants

Thoughts can be so heavy. Literally weightless, still they will press down, anchoring us where we stand if we let them. Daily actions also take their toll. Routine activities, interactions, […]

RUSA Member Profile: Seattle’s Theo Roffe

This edition of RUSA Member Profiles turns to the Pacific Northwest for a conversation with Theo Roffe, active member of the Seattle International Randonneurs in Washington state (Yes, that Washington!). A randonneur […]

Randonneurs USA Profile: Jerry Phelps

A little over one year ago, I began interviewing Randonneurs USA (RUSA) members for American Randonneur, the quarterly RUSA newsletter. I have the pleasure of talking with members from clubs […]

Made-Up Me: D.C. Randonneurs 600K

The uncertain arc of a ride as long as a 600K draws me to it. So many factors define the ultimate experience: fitness, weather, terrain, traffic, and the bike itself. […]