More 2011 in Review: The Rides and the Photos

The past couple of years, I started photographing more of my rides. I like having the tangible memory of an outing. I’ve always written ride stories, but this year, I enjoyed capturing commutes, weekend touring rides, brevets, meetups with friends, and miscellaneous errand running.

Bonding with the Quickbeam by DAR Constitution Hall

I spent a fair amount of time cycling in 2011, in between my other responsibilities and interests, much of it with my best friend and tandem partner Felkerino.

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2011 in Review: The Rides and Photos

January – Felkerino and me on a cold ride out to White’s Ferry
January – The Potomac River at White’s Ferry
  • January

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2011 in Review: All Rides Lead to Paris-Brest-Paris

Now that 2011 is coming to a close, I’ve been reflecting on the year, as many people do. For me, 2011 was all about Paris Brest Paris, not just because of the event itself, but also because of all the careful planning and diligent pedaling it took to get there.

In early 2010, Felkerino and I decided that we would attempt to ride the 2011 edition of Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) together on tandem. Continue reading 2011 in Review: All Rides Lead to Paris-Brest-Paris

Happy Randonneurmas Link Love

Hope everybody is doing well as we head into the holiday weekend. I’m currently drying out from an evening rain ride that was more than I bargained for. Now please do not make any remarks in the comment section if you claim to be one of those people who just loves riding in the rain. That is, unless you want to help me wash my now-dirty bicycle :).

Bicycle Ornament from my friend Courtney

OK, back to what I really am here to post about. LINKS!

  • Winter Solstice 200K. Our very own Bill Beck and Chip Adams ventured out Wednesday evening for a Winter Solstice permanent. They started at 7 p.m. and finished at around 5:30 a.m. These are what I like to call “concept rides,” i.e., they sound great to me in concept, but pulling them off is a different matter. They did it and it looks like they had fun, too, judging by the ride description and the photos.
  • Reporting Road Rage. Local blogger, Pedal ‘n Purl, endured an awful altercation with a driver this week, and smartly reported it to the police. Thankfully, she is ok, but still rotten to read about these kinds of things happening on our streets.
  • 2011 Through the Lens of an Endurance Athlete. The amazing Jill Homer reflects on the last 12 months in photos. Both an ultra-cyclist and ultra-runner, her photos and reflections from the year captivated me.
  • Bicycle Art.  I stumbled across the cycling artwork of Magical Octopus this week. I enjoy the quirky illustrations and captions, and hope you do, too.
  • Embracing the Suck. In Over Your Head interviewed Leo Babauta about his experience at a running-based endurance event (the Goruck Challenge). I saw parallels to randonneuring.  I also found the discussion about the need (or not) for goal-setting thought-provoking.
  • Reflections on Randonneuring. Iron Rider looks back on some of the people he’s gotten to know through randonneuring the past couple of years, and what he learned from them about being a randonneur.

Time to sign off and wrap a few presents. Happy Randonneurmas, everybody, and thanks for reading!

Famous D.C. Bike Blogger Rendezvous (Tales from the Sharrows)!

Do you live in the Washington, D.C., area and did you commute on Tuesday? Yowza, was the weather nice or what!? I love commute days like this. Low winds, temps going into the 50s, and sane traffic flow. Gotta appreciate those days.

Did you know that famous local bike blogger and tweep, @sharrowsDC, is selling buttons featuring his Tales From the Sharrows logo to raise money for the Washington Area Bicycling Association? It’s true!

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Century Ride, Burley Trailer, and Santa Hats

Even though the holidays are quickly closing in on us, Felkerino and I made a joint escape from our chores on Saturday to do a century ride. We then made up for our day at play by doing car-free errands on Sunday, including a few with the Burley trailer.

Crofton, Maryland, Century Ride

Saturday, Felkerino and I met up with Mike B., fellow D.C. Randonneur and Severna Park Peloton member, for a 97-mile jaunt out of Crofton, Maryland. Course description: rolling; no mountains; a few busy suburban roads; and several quiet, rolling, wooded sections. Overall, it was a great ride considering it started from such a built up area.

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Friday Link Love

Whew! What a fast and busy week. It must be the season, especially that Randonneurmas! Nevertheless, I have a few things to share.

Sunrise at Chesapeake Beach (c) Dan Oldale
  • Red Light Running: Remember last week’s link to a study about Red Light Running? Broads of the Beltway explained her experience and approach to being a cyclist in urban traffic. I can relate.
  • Maid of the Bike: Porta-John found a mysterious D.C. newspaper piece from 1896 called Maid of the Bike. What the back story is, we’ll never know. I’m so glad to see Porta-John sharing this local vintage treasure.
  • Bike touring is the best! I took a virtual journey with While Out Riding as they spent some time in Joshua Tree National Park. What an amazing place. This post made me want to make sure I return there someday, this time with my bicycle.
  • Sometimes bike touring is not the best! I love this reflection from Path Less Pedaled about being in the middle of a coast-to-coast cycling trip and feeling like you don’t want to turn the pedals anymore. What keeps you going?
  • Bike touring IS the best! Give a Bike  just finished their year-long exploration of all 50 states. Pretty amazing. They did a beautiful job of capturing their journey, and I particularly liked the staged state sign photos.

In case you can’t tell, I’d rather be bike touring than bike commuting. For now, though, the commuting and weekend adventures will have to do. Enjoy the weekend, everybody, and try not to eat too many sweets (like I did) at those holiday parties!!

The 12 Days of Randonneurmas

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be dedicating some time to working with my blogging associate, Felkerino, over at The Daily Randonneur.

Only 29 Days to buy Santa’s Cookies!

Felkerino and I are partnering to celebrate the fourth year of Randonneurmas, that holiday time before the holidays where we spotlight twelve of our favorite randonneuring things. Over the years, we’ve begun to develop a fine catalog of Randonneurmas gifts for cyclists and randonneurs.

Randonneurmas can help you select a thoughtful gift for that special cycling someone in your life, and if you ride a bike, why not treat yourself to a Randonneurmas gift, too. Many of the items we feature are less expensive than a tank of gas, more fun than an oil change, and practical for the dedicated cyclist.

Santa hat = Extra festive + extra nice drivers

Randonneurmas isn’t only about buying cycling-related stuff (though that is a part of it, I confess!). It’s also about celebrating the space that randonneuring and cycling holds in your life.

Please check it out, and I hope you enjoy reading the 12 Days of Randonneurmas as much as Felkerino and I enjoy celebrating and featuring it on The Daily Randonneur.