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Category: Coffeeneuring

Coffeeneuring Challenge News: Weekend Plans?

The Coffeeneuring Challenge reaches the end of Week 2 and, like that, Week 3 begins tomorrow. What are your plans? The Facebook Coffeeneurs group is going gangbusters, and Twitter and Instagram […]

Coffeeneuring Quiz

Welcome to another week of coffeeneuring as we know it. Time to test your Coffeeneuring Challenge knowledge. No cheating. You’re only cheating yourself, as one of my old workout instructors used […]

Coffeeneuring Week 1: It’s On!

We’re almost one week into the Coffeeneuring Challenge, and already I’m amazed by all the people riding their bikes to tasty beverages all over the land. Some ride to four-walled establishments, […]

Mr. and Mrs. Bike Snick Go Coffeeneuring

We can’t go into the weekend (THE FIRST WEEKEND OF OFFICIAL COFFEENEURING SEASON) without another example of how coffeeneuring happens. And, of course, it’s always nice to give the locals […]