Coffeeneuring Challenge Submissions Due Soon!

Greetings again from Iowa. It’s still cold here. But this post is not about the weather, it’s about coffeeneuring! Specifically, I want to discuss the deadline for submitting your Coffeeneuring Challenge entries. Coffeeneuring entries are due in my email in-box by midnight, November 25, but because I am running a […]

Father-Daughter Coffeeneuring in Minnesota

Today’s guest post is from a father-daughter team out of Minnesota. Charlie’s regular beverage was a latte while Emma (who, at 13, is the youngest female Coffeeneuring Challenge finisher so far) went the hot chocolate route. By the way, what is the difference between hot cocoa, hot chocolate, and hot […]

Coffeeneuring in New York City with @nycbluegunnar

Submissions are steadily flowing in to Coffeeneuring World Headquarters, and the New England Regional Office and I are working together to keep updating all the exciting visuals that help illustrate the scope of coffeeneuring. Keep those entries coming! In the meantime, I have another excellent guest post for you, this […]