Coffeeneuring Rewind with David H. in Chevy Chase, Md.

It’s Coffeeneuring Rewind Guest Post time, featuring Washington, D.C., locations and a Maryland coffeeneur! ——- I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that the following seven submissions are authentic and are fully in compliance with the official 2013 Coffeneuring Rules and Regulations as set forth on the Chasing Mailboxes Web […]

Coffeeneuring with Kids

As long as you follow all 19 rules, coffeeneuring can unfold in a variety of ways. You can go it alone. You may head out with a partner or a friend or two to keep you company. Another palatable option is to coffeeeur with your kids, which several people have […]

Shutdown’s Over: Let’s Talk Coffeeneuring

Washington, D.C., is alive again after 16 days of a government shutdown. What a relief! Even though many things were put on pause during this time, the shutdown could not deter people from their coffeeneuring quests. People are coffeeneuring their brains out so I put this blog roundup together to […]

Coffeeneuring on Instagram via Storify

Based on a suggestion from San Francisco ciclista Meligrosa I tried a new way to capture some of the Coffeeneuring Challenge action– Storify. Follow this link for a glimpse of week one’s coffeeneuring Instagram images. Hashtag: #coffeeneuring. Please let me know what you think about the Storify method for sharing […]