Coffeeneuring Challenge Submissions Homework and Housekeeping

Welcome to Monday and Thanksgiving week! I am a bit behind on my Coffeeneuring Challenge submissions so if you submitted something to me over the weekend, you may not yet have received any reply from me. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Challenge Submissions Homework and Housekeeping”

Coffeeneuring Quotes 2015

The 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge is winding down, and submissions are regularly hitting my email. Thanks to everyone who participated, and to those who have yet to submit, I look forward to your paperwork!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share some of what people are saying about coffeeneuring. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Quotes 2015”

Coffeeneuring Challenge Final Weekend: Cross the Finish Line, Friends!

Hello readers and coffeeneurs, the sun is about to set on the 2015 Coffeeneuring Challenge with the November 14 and 15 being the last official days of the challenge. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Challenge Final Weekend: Cross the Finish Line, Friends!”

Coffeeneuring Housekeeping and Prize Reveal!

Two full weekends remain to complete the seven critical trips that result in Coffeeneuring Challenge victory. That’s four days to complete four rides (or three, if you choose to substitute Veterans Day, per Rule 19). Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Housekeeping and Prize Reveal!”

Why Do You Coffeeneur? Maps Update!

Why do you coffeeneur? The glory? A chance to stand on the annual coffeeneuring podium?

coffeeneuring red purp

I always like reading about why people take on the challenge. Some include their reasons in their blog entries and others in their final submissions. If you have a moment, let me know what inspired you to coffeeneur this year. Continue reading “Why Do You Coffeeneur? Maps Update!”

Coffeeneuring Around the Blogosphere and the Destinations Map

More coffeeneuring is happening than ever before, and it’s a treat to watch and be part of it all. Coffeeneuring is fun for everyone!

If you are participating in the Coffeeneuring Challenge this year, you can enter the locations you visit in 2015 on the Communal Coffeeneuring Destinations Map, which the Northeast Regional Office of Coffeeneuring maintains.

This link provides details with how to add your stops so you should do it! Those who previously had access to the map, should still have editing rights to it. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Around the Blogosphere and the Destinations Map”

Coffeeneuring Challenge Weekend One

Coffeeneuring is off to a grand start, with people near and far riding their bikes in pursuit of coffee (or related beverage). I can hardly keep up with it all. So much coffeeneuring! Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Challenge Weekend One”

Becky and Laura’s First Coffeeneuring Challenge: Seattle, Washington

Time to highlight some of the coffeeneuring activity from the other Washington. Becky and Laura, two trail runners and cyclists out of the Seattle area, worked as a team to successfully meet the Coffeeneuring Challenge last year.

Cats, llamas, looky-loo loops, and yes, coffee too. They gave each of their rides titles, like chapters in a book. Lovely! Continue reading “Becky and Laura’s First Coffeeneuring Challenge: Seattle, Washington”

A Coffeeneuring Diary through Finland with Jussi

Jussi’s Coffeeneuring Challenge submission is a wonderful tour through his part of the world–from old forgotten places, fat bikes, meanders through forests and by rivers, to pastries I can’t even pronounce, and even a kuksa for coffee outside. As he writes at the post’s conclusion, “For some reason, these logs turned to journals and almost travel brochures.” It made me put Finland on my list of … Continue reading A Coffeeneuring Diary through Finland with Jussi

From Randonneur to Coffeeneur: Putting South Carolina on the Coffeeneuring Map

Last year’s edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge welcomed the first finisher ever from the state of South Carolina. Very exciting!

The triumphant coffeeneur is Tom, a randonneur turned coffeeneur for at least seven weeks, who used both his Soma Grand Randonneur (affectionately nicknamed the Grand Coffeeneur) and a 1970s Raleigh Olympian, to help him cross the finish line. Continue reading “From Randonneur to Coffeeneur: Putting South Carolina on the Coffeeneuring Map”

Family Coffeeneuring in St. Petersburg, Florida: Downhill or Uphill, Coffeeneuring is for Everyone

With the Coffeeneuring Challenge approaching, it seems a fine time to revisit some of the travels of last year’s coffeeneurs. We kick off this year’s look back with the family Coffeeneuring Challenge team of Paul, Sally, and Joe. Continue reading “Family Coffeeneuring in St. Petersburg, Florida: Downhill or Uphill, Coffeeneuring is for Everyone”

Bringing Made-Up Words to Life: Coffeeneuring and Errandonnee

I don’t mean to shock anyone, but the words “coffeeneuring” and “errandonnee” are totally made-up words. That’s right, both are fake words used to describe activities that people do on bicycles.

These terms were born out of similar circumstances. Continue reading “Bringing Made-Up Words to Life: Coffeeneuring and Errandonnee”

Coffeeneuring Challenge 2014: Unofficially Official

When I announced the list of 2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge Finishers, reader and original coffeeneur Vannevar asked me about my own coffeeneuring for the year.

While I am a big fan of riding one’s bike in the pursuit of a good cup of coffee, there is at least one year where I did not officially complete the challenge.

Too many rules! Busy weekends! Ran out of time! You know the excuses of which I speak. In those instances, I’ve quietly awarded myself an honorable mention. E for effort!

This year, though, I’m pleased to announce that I followed all the rules and successfully crossed this year’s Coffeeneuring Challenge finish line. Below is my report for your review and enjoyment. Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Challenge 2014: Unofficially Official”

Coffeeneuring Achievement Badges

Hi all. This post is for those coffeeneurs who ordered patches. The patches have arrived!

Coffeeneuring Patches

I will be sending them out over the holidays. If you think you earned a patch, there is still a small window of time to send your coffeeneuring documentation to me.

Continue reading “Coffeeneuring Achievement Badges”

2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge Finishers and Honorable Mentions

The 2014 edition of the Coffeeneuring Challenge shows that people’s dedication to riding bikes and drinking coffee (or similar beverage substitutes) while also following a general set of rules remains strong.

After the homologation of results, the season ends with 175 Finishers and 4 people securing an Honorable Mention spot. Continue reading “2014 Coffeeneuring Challenge Finishers and Honorable Mentions”